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If you are a LOS ANGELES actor and need CONTENT for your demo reel, I have collaborated with actors to shoot demo reel scenes that are either original material or short scenes based on film and television scripts. Unlike other demo reel services, I will provide a collaborative and thorough experience working with the actors to give them exactly the kind of scenes that will represent your best. Shooting an Original Demo can also be done for hosts, musicians, and all artists.


- Scenes are shot just like a short film scene to use in your acting reel.

- You and a partner can split the cost and each get the scene you want.

- Shot and Edited quickly and professionally.

- Demo Shoots start at $400 for the shoot and edit.

Recent Actor Demo Shoots (Dozens filmed!)

"When I asked James to shoot a scene for my reel I thought I was mostly getting a camera and sound and lighting equipment, along with someone who hopefully knew how to use them. What I got was a highly professional, friendly, and efficient shoot with a great director who invested himself in the material and pulled an honest performance out of me! Not to mention I got my wonderfully edited footage the next night! James took the time on set to analyze the material with me and direct me. He takes pride in these reels, and it shows!"   - Adi Ben Ami, Actor